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Leading with experience, stability, and innovation, Wedbush is dedicated to securing your interests, strengthening your vision, and maximizing your financial success.

Stocks & Bonds

Based on your investment profile, objectives and risk tolerance, a Wedbush Securities Advisor can recommend an appropriate allocation mix of stocks and bonds to meet your short and long-term investment goals. Our research department provides intelligent insight to evaluate and examine opportunities in the marketplace. Wedbush offers clients a broad range of tools and resources across a full spectrum of investment styles with varying risk and returns.

Wedbush is a top liquidity provider for NASDAQ stocks and a member of all major U.S. exchanges. We have excellent trading execution services for most stock, bond option and derivative securities.

Wedbush is also one of the largest originators of municipal securities on the West Coast. We offer a full line of fixed income products including U.S. treasury securities, government securities, municipal bonds, corporate bonds, mortgage-backed securities and certificates of deposits.

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