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Qualified & Non-qualified Plans

401(K) & 403(B)
401(k) and 403(B) are qualified defined-salary contribution plans that have a common objective – to serve as a retirement savings plan. Wedbush offers many different 401(k) and 403(B) plan models to suit the specific needs of all business types whether small, large or non-profit.

Wedbush offers Simplified Employee Pension, Savings Incentive Match Plan for employees and Individual K retirement plans designed for small businesses. These programs offer tax-deductible contributions for the employers as well as tax-deferral for the employees.

Other Employee Sponsored Plans (or Other Profit Sharing Plans)
Wedbush also offers Flexible Profit Sharing Plans, Flexible Money Purchase Pension Plans and Combined Profit Sharing /Money Purchase Pension Plans for businesses that want to maximize flexibility and discretion in cost and contribution levels.

Deferred Executive Compensation Plans
Wedbush offers non-qualified deferred compensation plans for key executives or employees of a company or corporation that wish to defer a portion of pre-tax salary until retirement or death. These contributions provide tax advantages to both the employer and employee, but generally are not as favorable as qualified plans.

Your Wedbush Advisors are here to assist in evaluating, selecting and managing the most appropriate plan for your business. To locate a Wedbush Advisor, click here.