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Alternative Investments

Wedbush Securities can provide even greater diversity to your portfolio with select non-traditional investments.

Wedbush Capital Partners »
Wedbush Capital Partners is a $120 million private equity fund that focuses on recapitalizations, growth investments and management-led buyouts of lower middle-market companies.

Wedbush Opportunity Partners »
Wedbush Opportunity Partners, an alternative investment fund, invests in publicly traded small and micro-capitaliza­tion companies through its unique affiliation with Wedbush.

Managed Futures Funds
The Wedbush Managed Futures Program provides investors exposure to physical assets (metals, energies, and grains) and financial assets (stocks, currencies, and bonds) as well as the ability to profit from being long or short in any of these classes. Wedbush's size and resources give our clients access to some of the most respected Managed Futures Money Managers and Commodity Trading Advisors in the industry.

Hedge Funds & Fund of Funds
Wedbush provides access to hedge funds and also fund of funds investments in conjunction with traditional equity and fixed income products.

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