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Equity Research

The Wedbush equity research department is focused on delivering alpha within the Consumer, FIG, Healthcare, and TMT verticals. It’s what drives us. We produce original thought, proprietary research products, highlighting critical data points, which anticipate early industry trends and inflection points. Our ongoing industry updates across multiple verticals, provide a consistent flow of information, with unique and variant viewpoints. We strive for opinions that stand out.

We constantly seek unique and differentiated ways to augment our fundamental analysis. Wedbush research places a premium on primary, channel, industry sources we believe to be underfollowed and original. We encourage an updated opinion section in each company report detailing our thoughts on the future trajectory of the company / industry and include additional analysis to support our conclusions.

Wedbush “owns” the names we cover, through value-added work and data collection efforts, thereby compelling client engagement. We have developed an internal watch list of proprietary and critical data points helping us quantify new initiatives and analyze hard-to-model events. Our experience across credit/economic cycles, combined with a focus on the collective mindshare through cross-industry events, helps to add context and legitimize our opinions vs. our competition. We regularly stress test various scenarios and conduct sensitivity analysis on names under coverage for additional insight.

Wedbush Securities has one of the largest Equity Research platforms on the West Coast comprised of 19 research analysts, coverage of more than 300 stocks.

The award-winning Wedbush Best Ideas List, is a dynamic, actively monitored compilation of stock ideas that our analysts have the highest conviction regarding outperformance over the forward 6 to 12 month period.

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